18 Learn to Cook from a White House Kitchen Insider

Have you ever dreamed of what goes on behind the doors of one of the world's most famous kitchens?  

John R. Hanny's Secrets from the White House Kitchens is part White House Cookbook and part culinary history lesson, full of fabulous, easy recipes (a necessity for all cookbooks for beginners) and tantalizing inside dish on the favorite dishes and entertaining habits of presidents from Roosevelt through Obama.

John R. Hanny Has Written a "Top Chef Cookbook"

Even before he was invited to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to meet with President and Mrs. Kennedy for the first time in 1962, this internationally-celebrated chef and restaurateur was fascinated with the appetites of the powerful. He went on to work with the Kennedy and Johnson White Houses as a special consultant. Over these years he collected not only recipes, but story after fascinating story that reveal previously unseen sides of the men, women and families that have called this legendary address home.

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Hanny's own culinary journey began as a boy when he would rush off school bus to work at his father's LaMarque Restaurant, known not only in its home city of Buffalo, but around the country. 29

Bring the Taste of the White House Kitchen to Your House

Whether you want to recreate the culinary splendor of a State Dinner or whip up JFK's favorite Cod Chowder or President Obama's Famous Chili, Secrets from the White House Kitchens is a cookbook with easy recipes and offers a chance to capture the magic of the White House Kitchen right in yours with one of the best new cookbooks of the year. Does your style mesh with the hearty country fare of the Eisenhowers? Or are you more attached to the sophisticated haute cuisine favored by the Reagans? May be you'd prefer the down-home tastes of Lyndon B. Johnson, who loved treating guests at his famed Texas ranch to Pork and Corn Bread Ring. Every taste is covered in this food and history lover's delight!


Recipes and Insights
I have included over 300 recipes with detailed preparation instructions and serving suggestions. Some of the recipes are literately fit for a King and others were prepared to just be enjoyed by the President’s family and friends. President’s Truman’s Corn Bread recipe from Page 66, for example, is a simple six ingredient combination that can be prepared by anyone with a mixing bowl and 30minutes with a 425° F oven.

Mrs. Kennedy’s Souffle Froid Au Chocolat from page 154 is a bit more ambitious, but I have seen this prepared hundreds of times by folks of every skill level in a kitchen. This desert is a chocolate lovers dream with only eight ingredients. After following the easy mixing instructions and 2 to 3 hours to chill, I guarantee your family and friends will be coming back for seconds.

I have included a number of sophisticated entries and a few complex appetizers that were Presidential favorites. Cooking in the White House Kitchens was an honor and I feel privileged to be able to share the experience with you through recipes and pictures in the pages of my cookbook.