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My friend Steve hash was cooking. And when Steve cooks Jack eats well.

I met Steve many years ago in Tacoma Park, Maryland at my restaurant called The Savory.

Aside from being a “Foodie” Steve is a professional photographer and actually did the shoot for my book “SECRETS from the WHITE HOUSE KITCHENS”.


Well one night his friend Carolyn Sedwick called and invited my wife Debbie and me to dinner.

Having dinner at Carolyn’s home is like being entertained by Pearle Mesta and this time was no different except Steve did the cooking.

For the first time in my culinary life of 55 years I had the finest chicken dinner ever. The char broiled chicken on real charcoal was called Piri Piri chicken.


This is an African – Portuguese recipe that stands out like no other. Now there are several recipes and marinades but this one is by far the best.

It’s a Lovely Evening in Washington

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Spring has sprung and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.  What a perfect night for the President’s dinner honoring a great friend of America.

State Dinner Part Four

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 At the invitation of the President of the United States, you and your guest enter the White House through the North Gate and pass through Secret Service security screening.  Once inside a military escort shows you where the reception room is and where the Protocol Office has set up the receiving line for you to be greeted by the President and First Lady, along with their distinguished guests of honor. 

You will be offered very fine wines and very interesting Hor d’ Oeuvres and get to meet and greet the occasional movie star and dignitaries that you will be sharing the evening with at the State Dinner. Oh yes don’t forget the music, a very important part of the evening. While you are sipping your first glass of wine, there is usually a quartet serenade.

State Dinner Part Three

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 In order to have perfect harmony one must take great care to make sure everything is perfect. That deed falls in the lap of the Chief Usher.

Once the tables are set “The Chief “inspects every piece of silver, china and tablecloth. Tablecloths must be wrinkle free and the silver must gleam. Nary can a scratch be found on the china and definitely no chips.

The seating arrangements are according to importance. For instance at the head table or Table 1 there is the President and next to him is the First Lady. Across from them is the guest of honor and his wife. If the guest of honor is alone then the First Lady will be seated next to him. At the same table is usually the Secretaries of State and Defense with their wives, if the Guest brought his VP along then our VP will sit next to him at Table 2. If not then our VP and wife sit at T 1. A lot of thought goes into the plans and seating charts of a State Dinner.

State Dinner Part Two

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State Dinner Part One

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 A friend sent me this quote by Franklin Roosevelt. He said “If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships – the ability of all peoples, of all kinds, to live together, in the same world in peace’.  This seems so appropriate for what we are witnessing these day. 

President Jefferson and Chicken Provencal

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  You know America is one of the most interesting cultures in the world when it is about food. In our country there is a little of everything. Some you’ll like and some you won’t, but I will try to keep it on the positive side.

Here is a recipe that the family will love and it is very inexpensive to serve. It’s called CHICKEN PROVENCAL and ole Tom Jefferson brought this back from France where he was the Ambassador. I have re- worked it so the modern cook can prepare it.

An American Version of Beef Bourguignon

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 The one thing I love to do, that’s sitting at my desk working on my next book. I’m within ten feet of a roaring fire in my fireplace and have my ever present golden retriever ‘Winston’ and my English cocker ‘Lucy” lying beside me. Believe me life doesn’t get much better than that. Well maybe if you through in this recipe for dinner.

 You have to start in the morning before you go to work because it cooks slowly for ten hours.
 It’s not a fancy dish but “Oh boy” it tastes good. Actually it’s an American version of Beef Bourguignon.
 To feed a large family like mine this is what you do.  Serves six.

Hello all you Foodies out there.

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 Several years ago Ronald Reagan hosted a Summit in Williamsburg, VA. One of the visiting Chefs like me was a man that would become synominous with a new rage on the culinary circuit. His name is Paul Prudhomme.

One of the things Paul made famous was Blackened redfish. As a matter of fact he made it so famous that the Redfish was becoming endangered.

So much so people started to us other fish just so they could have that great taste of a Cajun delicacy.The two best replacements I’ve discovered was halibut or Ocean Perch.

Now if you’re lucky to acquire a piece of Redfish or you just have to use one of the others try doing it this way.

3 sticks of unsalted butter,


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