An American Version of Beef Bourguignon

JANUARY 4, 2011 | 12:55 PM BY ADMIN

 The one thing I love to do, that’s sitting at my desk working on my next book. I’m within ten feet of a roaring fire in my fireplace and have my ever present golden retriever ‘Winston’ and my English cocker ‘Lucy” lying beside me. Believe me life doesn’t get much better than that. Well maybe if you through in this recipe for dinner.

 You have to start in the morning before you go to work because it cooks slowly for ten hours.
 It’s not a fancy dish but “Oh boy” it tastes good. Actually it’s an American version of Beef Bourguignon.
 To feed a large family like mine this is what you do.  Serves six.

Hello all you Foodies out there.

DECEMBER 31, 2010 | 1:42 PM BY ADMIN

 Several years ago Ronald Reagan hosted a Summit in Williamsburg, VA. One of the visiting Chefs like me was a man that would become synominous with a new rage on the culinary circuit. His name is Paul Prudhomme.

One of the things Paul made famous was Blackened redfish. As a matter of fact he made it so famous that the Redfish was becoming endangered.

So much so people started to us other fish just so they could have that great taste of a Cajun delicacy.The two best replacements I’ve discovered was halibut or Ocean Perch.