JANUARY 13, 2011 | 10:10 AM BY ADMIN


The first thing you must remember about State Dinners is that they must go off with perfection. On the evening of the event, the honored guest and their spouse arrive at the White House to spend an hour or so with the First Family in the residence. This is where everyone is treated on a personal basis and drinks and fancy hor d’ oeuvres are served by the White House staff.

When the social hour ends and all the guests have arrived the honored guests along with the President and his First Lady descend the Grand Staircase following an Honor Guard carrying the flags of the two nations. Along with that and actually when the four of them are at the top of the stairs the announcement is made “Ladies and Gentlemen the President of the United States and the First Lady with His Excellency, President and Mrs. --- of ---. At that point the Marine Band starts playing ‘Ruffles and Flourishes”.

By this time they are now on the first level and a receiving line is formed and a protocol officer shows where the President and his guests, the Vice President and cabinet secretaries should stand.

The cocktail hour commences for another hour then everyone is led to the assigned tables.
In Part Three, I will discuss the official toast and of course dinner.
As they used to say in the good old days “Stay Tuned”.

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Bon Appetite