JANUARY 29, 2011 | 8:06 AM BY ADMIN

 In order to have perfect harmony one must take great care to make sure everything is perfect. That deed falls in the lap of the Chief Usher.

Once the tables are set “The Chief “inspects every piece of silver, china and tablecloth. Tablecloths must be wrinkle free and the silver must gleam. Nary can a scratch be found on the china and definitely no chips.

The seating arrangements are according to importance. For instance at the head table or Table 1 there is the President and next to him is the First Lady. Across from them is the guest of honor and his wife. If the guest of honor is alone then the First Lady will be seated next to him. At the same table is usually the Secretaries of State and Defense with their wives, if the Guest brought his VP along then our VP will sit next to him at Table 2. If not then our VP and wife sit at T 1. A lot of thought goes into the plans and seating charts of a State Dinner. Please believe me even if you’re in at Table 10 you are still a very important guest.

Usually the tables are filled with people of interest to both parties. Clinton and Reagan had their tables loaded with movie stars, scientists and businessmen who have contributed to their party, and of course the Ambassadors to each others nation.  After the Chief Usher makes his final check and the flowers are place on the table with the colors of the guest country and a specially hand made menu at each place setting all done in calligraphy.

Next week is the menu and how the food is chosen along with the recipes for a 5 course State Affair.

Until then Bon Appétit,
Chef Jack