FEBRUARY 7, 2011 | 12:29 PM BY ADMIN

 At the invitation of the President of the United States, you and your guest enter the White House through the North Gate and pass through Secret Service security screening.  Once inside a military escort shows you where the reception room is and where the Protocol Office has set up the receiving line for you to be greeted by the President and First Lady, along with their distinguished guests of honor. 

You will be offered very fine wines and very interesting Hor d’ Oeuvres and get to meet and greet the occasional movie star and dignitaries that you will be sharing the evening with at the State Dinner. Oh yes don’t forget the music, a very important part of the evening. While you are sipping your first glass of wine, there is usually a quartet serenade.

But then the quartet stops playing and the “Presidents Own” or officially called the Marine Corps band will start playing Hail to the Chief as our President and his guests, along with the First Lady, and Honor Guard descend the Grand Staircase. From there they go to the receiving line and meet and greet every guest.

At that point you’re off to your assigned table to experience one of the most sensational epicurean delights of a life time.  At each place setting you will find a hand made copy of the evenings fare all in calligraphy with gold borders.

My next blog will feature a five-course meal that was prepared for President and Mrs. Johnson at a State Dinner Queen Fredericka and Princess Irene of Greece on Monday, January 27, 1964.  I am honored to say that I made out the menu and assisted with it preparation for this State function.

Until then,

Bon Appetite

Chef Hanny