MARCH 7, 2011 | 4:04 PM BY ADMIN

Spring has sprung and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.  What a perfect night for the President’s dinner honoring a great friend of America.

The President and his guests have descended the grand stair case from the residence and have just finished greeting everyone in the receiving line. A group of ushers are standing by to escort the First Family and their guests to their table while other White House Staff are busy doing the same thing only with the guests.

As you know the menus have been placed on the service plate on top of the folded napkin. These may be taken with you as a souvenir if you wish.

As I said previously I will use a menu for Queen Frederica and Princess Irene of Greece. They were not actually the Head of State, but the Mother and sister of the King. Because of this kinship with the King, President Johnson insisted that the two women be treated as if they were Heads of State. Not to break protocol, they were treated to a State Luncheon instead of a State Dinner.Below is the menu as it was presented to the Greek Royal pair and 100 g