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I’m so sorry I did not get back to you sooner. Promoting this beautiful new book has been a full time job, but now I have the chance and here they are.

Filet of Pompano: Your fish monger can order the pompano special for you or if that’s impossible use Sea Bass or Red Snapper. Use just the filet & cut into 5 oz. portions.

Roll in seasoned flour with salt and pepper to taste I prefer to bake my fish with butter and white wine but you can also pan fry till almost done then finish off in the oven at 350 degrees You can tell it ready by pricking the meat with a toothpick. If it goes in and comes out easy remove from oven If you use a skillet add butter and a real good olive oil. Get it nice and hot then place fish in skillet. Let edges get crispy and turn over. It takes just a few minutes.

Meanwhile open a pack of slivered almonds and place them in same skillet. Just brown them lightly and remove. Let slivers cool down, place fish on a plate and decorate with the almonds overlapping them to look like scales. Sprinkle plate with finely chopped parsley for color and serve.

Rack of Lamb Verte Pre: Select spring lamb and have your butcher French the bones.

By that I mean he trimes all fat and meat from the top of the bone and leaves just the round chop on the bottom. Ask for a twin cut and serve two per person. Make a marinade of extra virgin olive oil, fresh tarragon and garlic. Cover and refrigerate overnight. I have found over the years that the best way to cook lamb is to use the charcoal broiler or bake it. Broiling in the oven tends to dry it out, Cook at 350 degrees or as close as possible.

Verte Pre Sauce: This is very easy. All you do is put water cress or parsley or leaf spinach in a blender and chop fine. (Better results are with a French knife). Place in the middle of a kitchen cloth and twist hard after you have run it under cold water. Twist as hard as you can and the green chlorophyll should be added to Hellmann’s mayonnaise or if you’re a purist make your own mayonnaise. Mix well and place the green sauce in the center of the plate with the lamb chops nicely placed on top. 

Vegetables Nicoise” Traditionally you should use chopped fresh tomatoes, black pitted olives, anchovy, artichokes, garlic and small potatoes cut in small pieces. Sauté in xv- olive oil till done adding crushed black pepper. Place on same plate as the lamb
Water cress and Endive salad:Stem the water cress and place in the middle of salad plate with the baby leaves of endive all around. Drizzle the dressing made of olive oil and fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste over salad. Chop some fresh orange and red pepper in fine pieces and sprinkle on top. Place a slice of brie shaped like a miniature wedge on the side of the salad plate.

Charlotte Royale:This dessert is nothing but Yummy and I can’t wait to hear how you like it.This classic molded dessert begins with a mold lined with sponge or lady fingers. The lined mold is then filled with layers of fresh fruit such as sliced strawberries then vanilla custard then fresh peeled peaches. Refrigerate thoroughly then unmolded before serving. Top with freshly made vanilla whipped cream mixed with a tad of clear gelatin to make it stiff. After its plated place some sliced strawberries ind black berries around the plate for décor.

These dishes are not difficult and if you have any questions I’ll be happy to help.
Just E-mail me at and I promise to answer you right away.

Have fun being a “Foodie” and Bon Appétit